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WolfPeak was established by Tim Stubbs and Steve Fermio in 2011 out of a desire to build an environmental consultancy company that aligned with our values and passions and did things a bit differently. Since then we have grown into an energised team of like-minded, highly skilled professionals with a breadth of experience and expertise. We have also added a full range of heritage services to our skills set, allowing a greater ability to meet our client’s expectations.

We offer specialist environmental and heritage consulting, natural resource management, engineering, heritage asset management, archaeology, and project services, providing the outcomes you need when you need them. Because of our broad strategic experience and expertise we can solve complex issues though a holistic approach that provides a seamless experience for our clients. We also deliver reports, assessments and plans to meet technical requirements of project assessment, approval and implementation.

Construction Environment Services Pty Ltd

Steve is a widely respected and calm professional who would add value to any project (large and small) and whose insight allows him to assess and effectively manage environmental risk.

Craig Tucker
Construction Environment Services Pty Ltd

Our Ethos

We approach what we do with a strong sense of connection with the world around us. We are passionate about sustainable progress that is in tune with the natural cycles and the environment. We are well equipped to take a systemic, bigger picture view to guide our consultancy and technical services.

WolfPeak is a mid-size environmental and heritage consultancy with strategic depth, specialist technical expertise and a strong delivery capability across the environmental, heritage, natural resources, planning, sustainability and auditing sectors. We place a high value on trust both within our company and with our clients. We build working relationships based on respect and honest communication, responsiveness and flexibility – this helps us get the best job done without the hassle. We believe that by surrounding ourselves with a great team with aligned values we give our clients better outcomes and a more enjoyable experience.


We were able to meet our deadline as a result of your willingness to assist, flexibility and expertise.

Julie Puglisi

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