Salini-Impregilo Joint Venture

The Skytrain Project (part of the NorthWest Metro) comprises the detailed design, construction and handover of a rail viaduct, bridges and associated civil works between Bella Vista and Cudgegong Road in NW Sydney. WolfPeak has provided the bulk of the project’s environment team, from Environment Manager through to site coordinators, over the duration of the project. WolfPeak also developed the environmental management plans that the Department of Planning & Environment (DPE) approved in record time. WolfPeak has helped the Jont Venture develop strategies for managing key commercial and environment issues including contamination and remediation, water quality, noise management and ISCA sustainability ratings.

WolfPeak’s skill has meant this complex project was completed without a single fine or PIN from the EPA or DPE. This is rare for a project of this size.